• Dr. Huseyin Guler

    Dr. Huseyin Guler

    A senior leader specialized in #innovation & #changemanagement effecting organizations' #strategy, #businessmodels & #culture to create #businessvalue & #growth

  • Oliver Stahl

    Oliver Stahl

    Früchte- und Snackbox-Express ist ein auf den Handel mit frischen Früchten und verschiedenen Snacks spezialisiertes Logistik-Unternehmen

  • Rayne Sim

    Rayne Sim

  • Jesus Kiteque

    Jesus Kiteque

    Project Lead for Entrepreneurship and SMEs Development at UNDP . #Startups and #SmallBiz advocate. https://jesuskiteque.com/

  • Thomas Kohler

    Thomas Kohler

  • Harshit Jaiswal

    Harshit Jaiswal

    Designing experiential and collaborative learning through curating self-learning resources and communities.

  • Klaus Flöry

    Klaus Flöry

    Innovation & Technology Enthusiast with a PhD in Photonics

  • Marta Caccamo

    Marta Caccamo

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